Tsugaru Shamisen and Taiko Drums


Want to play the taiko?

One of the best things about taiko drumming is that anyone of any age can easily enjoy performing. Rhythmically moving the body, it feels like a sport and yet it’s music. Once you try it you’ll never forget the wonderful feeling. Anyone can join us and give taiko drumming a try.

I just have to try it out!

Waraku-kai SHOU offers taiko experience through each of our affiliated groups. We invite you to come and drum at a classroom convenient to your home or workplace or commuting route.

Classes, locations and meeting days are listed here.

We want our own taiko team!

A circle of friends, a parents group, a neighborhood, a family. Why not create a taiko team of people who are comfortable together? We can assign a regular teacher. The minimum number of members for a team is about 10. Feel free to consult with us about a practice venue and schedule.

Contact our office to join a class or get further information.

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