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Facilities of Waraku-kai's connection

The Hill of the "Soleil" The staccato beat of the taiko echoes across the “Hill of the Soleil“ (Nagai Uminote Park), a park that has been made to resemble Provence in Southern France. This park is located on a cape with commanding views of Sagami Bay, Mt. Fuji and the Shonan coast. The park's hot-springs with their open-air bathing pools are favored by Noboru Tanaka, the artistic director of Waraku-kai SHOU.
The Kawasaki Frontale Football Team

Kawasaki Frontale, a J League football team, is based in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture. The team has lots of supporters and they love to watch the team play in their characteristic aggressive style. Waraku-kai taiko drumming can be heard often when the team plays at home.


The Junior Chamber International KAWASAKI

The JCI KAWASAKI is an organization of worthy young business leaders, which undertakes a variety of activities intended to contribute to the development of a more affluent society. The Waraku-kai taiko performances have been presented at a Chamber meeting. We are confident that these bright and dynamic Chamber members will make Kawasaki City's future even brighter.


Ashino Onsen
(Tochigi prefecture)
There is “Otona no Gakugeikai” every third Sunday and all the employees sing and dance together at the end.
The annual training takes place here because of the nice service and the beautiful Onsen.
Aoni Onsen
(Aoyama prefecture)
This is a secret Onsen place in Aoyama. As the name “Lamp no Yado” indicates there is no electronic light. During the summer tour, we use this place as a base for the Taiko events.
It is a nice experience to enjoy the Onsen together with different types of people.
Oedo Onsen Monogatari
(Odaiba, Tokyo)
After a relaxing time in the Onsen, the visitors enjoy the Taiko music with cold beer. We started the year 2004 with Taiko music and lots of visitors.
Tsugarudensho Kougeikan
(Aomori prefecture)
It is located in Kuroishi. We visit this place every winter.
Here, the Taiko sounds echo through the hills.
Tokyo Joypolis
(Odaiba, Tokyo)

This place is famous for the young visitors and for its amusement park.
The darkness in this amusement place makes the Taiko experience unforgettable.
The parents accompanying the children also enjoy it.

SEGA official site

Bea's website

She works in Germany as an instructor of the Waraku-kai SHOU.


Nanami-taiko is a German group that belong to Waraku-kai SHOU.

We purchase the Wadaiko from them

Kawata Taiko Koubo
(Fukushima prefecture)
They are the manufacturer of Wadaiko. Not only do we purchase the Taiko, but we also use their “Yagoshima hall” for our training.
Suzuki Taiko shop
(Akita prefecture)
They are the manufacturer of Wadaiko.
We purchase the Wadaiko from them.

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