Tsugaru Shamisen and Taiko Drums

Our Songs

All songs are original compositions by Waraku-kai SHOU artistic director Shou Tanaka.

Nobori The Waraku-kai theme song, titled from the director’s name (3’30”)
(Sound of the Mountain)
Lead rhythm and backing rhythm, like the sounds made by mountains (4’)
Matsuri Festive energy builds as the audience claps in time (3’30”)
Matoi Played on horizontally placed taiko drums (4’)
Mu Starts with a slow, spacious rhythm and gradually builds (3’30”)
Hana A spectacular song with special foot and hand movements (8’)
(Wild Goose)
Broad hand movements like spreading wings
Aya Featuring dynamic rapid rhythms on a combination of nagado-daiko and shime-daiko
Ayahana Played exclusively on a shime-daiko
Tenku Send it to the heavens! A dynamic piece
Daichi From quiet to pounding! A piece for the huge odaiko
Jongaradaiko Drumbeats accompany a shamisen song of the “Tsugaru jongara bushi” style
he backbeat of a long nagado-daiko plays into the ground of the lead rhythm
Nebuta A joyful song evoking the Nebuta festival of Aomori

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